Fiamma Carry Ramp - Motorbike/Wheelchair Access or Storage

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New motorbike carrier for all motorhomes with garage facility. Consists of ramp made from galvanised aluminium that can be installed inside of the door of your motorhome or on to the floor of the garage facility.

Once the fixed plate is installed on the floor the ramp can be easily hooked or unhooked. Delivered with bag,

Rail extends up to 175cm long. Internal width of each rail is 15cm. Holds up to 130KG.

ROLL ON RAMP To receive what was known in the past as a roll on ramp please order 2 x 13957. This item is only 1 rail as standard.

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The rail is supplied with two sturdy straps to fix motorbike while travelling.

Carries up to 200KG.

Vehicle Type: Motorhome - Van Conversion

Telescopic: Yes

Ramp Angle: 25 Degrees

Wheel Chock Front: Optional

Wheel Chock Rear: Optional

Fastening Straps: No

Wheel Width Max: 13cm

Weight / Max Load: 130kg per rail