Leisurewize Emove Finding Level Caravan Motormover

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From unhitch to level pitch in 2 minutes!

E-Move 306 Finding Level Automatic Caravan Motor Mover and Corner Steadies

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E-Move 306 Finding Level comes complete with an electric engage EMOVE caravan motor mover with all season covers. Heavy duty Finding Level electric corner steadies. Finding Level control brain and handset.

Stage 1: The handset tells you which side is low and place the ramp accordingly.

Stage 2: Press the Finding Level (FL) button, the caravan will reverse up the ramp stopping when the caravan is level (left to right). The electric corner steadies finish the job levelling the caravan (front to back). Your caravan is now level.

The complete kit includes 4 heavy duty electric corner steadies, electric engage caravan mover and the Finding Level control box and handset.

Please note: This system is only compatible with certain ALKO chassis, for more information please contact us beforehand if unsure.

Finding Level corner-steadies:

Average current consumption – 6 Amps
Maximum current consumption – 23 Amps
Weight approx.- original steadies – 14 kg
Maximum caravan weight – 2000 kg
Finding Level caravan mover:

Average current consumption – 20 Amps
Maximum current consumption – 100 Amps
SWL on flat tarmac – 2250 kg
Single axle – 1600kg 18%
Additional Information

Technical Data

Average current consumption 6amps
Max current consumption 23amps
Weight approx. – original steadies 14kg
Max caravan weight 2000kg

Finding Level Caravan mover

Average current consumption 20amps
Max current consumption 100 amps
SWL on flat tarmac 2250kg
Single axle 1600kg 18%