Leisurewize Heavy Duty E-move Caravan Motormover EM305

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The EM305 is a modern, powerful fully automatic manoeuvring system for caravans up to 2000kg. It features a high quality gearbox and robust aluminium rollers for excellent grip in all conditions. Roller engagement is fully automatic at the push of a button. The simple-to-use remote handset allows smooth start and stop and change of direction without having to stop. The Emove is constructed from coated steel, and has solid aluminium drive rollers. It is also splash proof and corrosion resistant - making it durable through all seasons.

Soft START/STOP technology for accurate and shockproof maneouvring. The E-move caravan motor mover has been fully tried, tested and approved in Europe and is manufactured with great care. The E-move is TUV and ABE approved to the highest German standards. All E-move products, are developed by Leisurewize in collaboration with their partners, and offer a high quality, beautifully engineered caravan mover with many patented features all combined with a competitive price!

The E-move Fully Automatic Caravan Mover provides the complete solution. The EM305 is designed as a 2-Wheel Drive mover for Twin Axle caravans ( Two movers can be used to create a 4-Wheel Drive Twin Axle Caravan Mover). Your handset holds the key to moving the caravan, eliminating the need for any effort. You simply press the button to engage the motors (even adjusts to the condition of the tyres), manoeuvre your caravans with directional arrows, and then disengage by pressing the disengage button on your handset. It really is that simple. You can even smoothly adjust the direction of the caravan without stopping. This clever diagonstic handset lets you know when you need to re-charge your leisure battery or replace handset batteries. E-move all-season full covers for protection where you need it.

Control with your Smart Phone with the optional Bluetooth Receiver which enables you to manoeuvre your caravan simply with the E-move App on your Smart Phone. The E-move App is fully equipped to optimally maneouvre your caravan and is suitable for the new E-move EM305 fully-automatic caravan mover. This is also an ideal back up should you lose your handset, as you can still control your caravan through your smart phone.

Item Weight Approx. 33kg
Special Features Direct Gear Driven | Advanced Electronics | TUV Approved | Error messages are shown by LED's on the control box & remote control | Optional control via Bluetooth Receiver & E-move App with your smart phone
Rollers Solid lightweight aluminium drive rollers provide optimum grip on the tyres of the caravan | Water, mud & dirt can be easily removed through the grooves
Trailer Size Twin Axle
Power Supply 12V DC | 75 - 110Amp Hour Battery (110Ah recommended
Safe Working Load 2450kg on hard flat surface
Total Permissible Weight 2450kg hard flat surfaces | 2000kg other surfaces | 1750kg on 18% slope
Safety Features Automatic stop function: immediately activated outside of remote control range & in the event of a fault in the manoeurving system's drive motors
Supplied With Complete fitting kit | Clear and concise fitting instructions
Key Features Full automatic-engage rollers for completely effortless use | All-season full covers for protection | Diagnostic handset which lets you know when you need to re-charge leisure battery or replace handset batteries | Soft START/STOP technology enabling comp
Cross Actuation Cross actuation bar not required | Saving weight, time in fitting & weight of wheel brace in order to engage
Maximum Current Consumption 120 Amps
Speed 9cm per second (approx)
Engagement/Disengagement Method Fully automatic electric engage
Remote Control for Manoeuvring Very user-friendly remote control with soft grip & easy to use buttons | Control engage & disengage of drive rollers | Error messages are shown by LED's on the remote control | Secure & gentle maneouvring on any surface