Omnisat 65cm Manual Crank Up Antenna Dish

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Omnisat 65cm Manual Crank Up Antenna Dish

The Omnisat manual 'Crank-Up' satellite system is a manually operated roof mounted dish system which uses the latest 'elliptical' 65cm or 85cm wide satellite dish. Simply adjust the system from the comfort of your vehicle with the easy to operate direction unit, effortlessly raising and rotating the dish to locate and lock onto your favourite UK TV channels, anywhere in the UK and across into Europe.

The handle shown is mounted onto the inside of the vehicle roof.

The Omnisat 'Crank-Up' has been designed for permanent fixing to the roof of your Caravan or Motor Home vehicle, because it does not rely on a through the roof mast it can be mounted in a more convenient position away from roof lights and vents.

The Omnisat 'Crank-up' assembly, makes it even easier to align the dish to the required satellite. Vertical alignment is achieved by using the ceiling mounted 'crank up' handle assembly and supplied 'zone map'. Horizontal alignment is just a matter of turning the direction pointer to align with the compass bezel.

Each Dish Pack is equipped with a universal LNB, cable, fixing accessories and illustrated fixing instructions.

Key Features:

  • Improved handle design with clear and precise elevation display
  • Low streamline profile, only 17cm in height in park position
  • Elegant modern styling design
  • No through the roof mast required, thus giving maximum flexibility on roof installations
  • Designed for easier and improved installation
  • Cable entry junction box allows for the system to be fitted in the most convenient position on roof
  • Easy to align using the ceiling mounted €˜Crank Up€ handle and elevation zone map
  • Twin LNB as standard - Designed for use with SKY +/HD or free to air receiver with hard drive recording. Alternatively can be used to feed two separate receivers for independent working
  • All weather resistant construction
  • Robust design solution utilising the latest advances in CAD and Simulation software
  • Designed for permanent mounting, but can be transferred to another vehicle
  • Complete with Operation and Set Up Guide
  • 3 year manufacturers guarantee
  • When in park position, the system is compact and hidden out of view and only a little higher than most sky lights

Dimensions & Technical Data:

  • High Quality 0.2db Universal Twin LNB
  • Full customer service back up and support

B2590/65 - OMNISAT CRANK UP 65

  • Antenna Unit Weight - 9kg
  • 65cm Offset Aluminium Antenna
  • 36dB gain