Thetford Fridge PCB E Type

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Thetford Fridge PCB E (Electronic) Type

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Thetford Fridge SR Powerboard R2G Electric.

Thetford SR fridge powerboard R2G electric / manual select - new type - replaces all old units on both large and small fridges - full kit.

Thetford part number - 691136

Fits: N90, 97, 100, 104, 109, 112, 145, 150, 175, 180

If last digit on long number on sticker behind salad drawer is  A them its AUTOMATIC  , if  an E  then its ELEC / MANUAL .

NOTE PLEASE NOTE - this item is in a sealed box & security stamped - it is new electrical part

A 'try before you buy or to test your system then return is not an option !

 Therefore there is no returns unless proved faulty on return to supplier for inspection - then refund will be offered.