Truma Caravan Mover Trumove S - Single Axle

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Truma Caravan Mover is among the Truma manoeuvring systems and moves single-axle caravans weighing up to 2000 kilograms.

  • Auto engagement single axle caravan mover
  • Extremely light and compact, only 33 kg
  • Remote control for millimetre precision
  • Manoeuvre securely on any surface
  • Offers total peace of mind when parking your caravan
  • Durable and maintenance free
  • Suitable for caravans up to 2000 kg
  • Conforms to the NCC Code of Practice
  • Effortless engagement and disengagement
  • Caravan can be rotated around its own axis (360 degrees)
  • Secure and gentle manoeuvring thanks to soft start and stop function, on any surface
  • Straightforward installation without drilling or welding on to frame
  • Wear-free Durasoft drive featuring powerful, durable gearbox
  • Aluminium rollers with a large diameter grip the tyres securely without slipping and without damaging them
  • Extremely stable radio connection (control unit transmits and receives at 868 MHz)
  • No need for inspection by officially recognised experts (TÜV) thanks to general operating permit (ABE)
  • New fixing kit for better attachment to the chassis
  • Automatic stop function: immediately activated outside of remote control range and in the event of a fault in the manoeuvring system's drive motors
  • Mechanical emergency disengagement function: in the event of a fully discharged or defective caravan battery (special key included in scope of delivery)
  • 13-pin safety socket: accidental engagement or disengagement whilst driving is impossible, as plug contact is required for manoeuvring

Truma Caravan Movers can be relied on in any situation, Maneouvre your caravan simply, precisely and with no effort whatsoever with the Truma Trumove S Caravan Motor Mover.

The Trumove S Caravan Mover is extremely light and compact for more ground clearance and better driving characteristics and is an extremely well made piece of equipment with high quality finish electrolytically galvanised and powder coated finish with a robust and durable housing that protects the motor gearbox from spray and dirt, which is practically maintenance free. The low wear aluminium rollers with a large diameter grip the wheels in any situation without slipping or causing damage to your expensive tyres. The mover can be positioned before or behind the axle. It is designed to be suitable for almost any single axle chassis and is easy to fit, without the need for drilling or welding the frame. This model features the latest NEW quick clamp system, giving a better attachment to the chassis and to reduce your fitting time. The Trumove S is supplied with a modern low profile PCB control board and handset as well as a safety socket to prevent unintentional engagement together with all the necessary fittings and comprehensive instructions. Being an electrical auto-engagement system you do not require the actuation bar, saving weight and fitting time.

The Trumove S motor mover features powerful Durasoft drive for gentle jerk free starting and stopping to give precise maneouvring and positioning anywhere, you can park with millimetre precision in any space and around tight corners . You can maneouvre single-handedly with ease with the remote radio controlled handset, you can also rotate your caravan through 360 degrees on its own axis. The Trumove S when engaged will hold your caravan in a parked position should you not be using the remote control, even on gradients of up to 25% so no rolling backwards or sliding. The Trumove maneouvres securely on any surface, snow, gravel, grass or sand, it copes with any surface and can conquer obstacles with ease, even high kerbstones are overcome easily.

Homestead Caravans is very proud to be an Appointed 'Truma Partner' and can offer a professional installation of your Truma Caravan Motor Mover in our very modern on site workshop facilities.

All Truma Caravan Movers are supplied with a 5 year guarantee and the superb Truma aftersales back up service. Always there for you. Worldwide Truma Service: If you ever require our help we will always be ready to assist you as soon as possible. At Truma we always strive to do the best for our customers either from our UK office or directly on site with our mobile engineers. With 247 service centres throughout Europe and worldwide situated in the most important camping regions, together with thre right tools, the right spare parts and our well trained service technicians, we guarantee to get you on the move again as soon as possible.