Truma Premium Caravan Mover XT (Single Axle)

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Truma Mover XT is eXTremely superior: it allows you to manoeuvre your caravan accurately, smoothly, jerk-free and safely on to any parking spot – also around corners and bends. The manoeuvring system keeps the caravan reliably on track even if there are obstacles on one side. Truma Caravan Mover XT is extremely compact and lightweight and can be swivelled on the tyres automatically with the remote control.

  • Ultimate precision and 100 per cent directional stability, as if it’s on rails
  • Extremely reliable and safe
  • Smooth acceleration thanks to Truma Dynamic Move Technology
  • Maximum weight advantage of 20 kilograms

From asphalt to grass, cobblestones to gravel: Truma Caravan Mover XT works reliably on any surface. It also overcomes minor obstacles with ease. The brushless motors combine many advantages: they are powerful, highly efficient and also extremely light. The device and battery together save up to 20 kilograms.

The remote control is handy and intuitive to operate. Control the speed easily with the slide control and change direction with the control knob. Caravans can rotate on their own axis in less than one minute and can be coupled to the towing vehicle extremely accurately. The caravan stops moving as soon as you release the control knobs. An acoustic signal is given when the Truma Mover XT is switched off but not yet swivelled away.

  • The system even handles gradients of up to 13 per cent
  • Flexible, precise manoeuvring
  • Coupling to the towing vehicle with millimetre precision
  • Automatic stop function
  • For single-axle caravans up to 2300 kilograms

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