Truma Premium Caravan Mover XT2 Twin Axle

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Mover XT2 effortlessly moves twin-axle caravans weighing up to 2400 kilograms. With the manoeuvring system, move your caravan to its position without any effort. With the control knob and slide control on the remote control you can steer and accelerate smoothly and in all directions without any jolts – thanks to time-tested Truma Dynamic Move Technology.

The Mover XT2 manoeuvring system has especially powerful motors that need very little battery capacity: with the Truma PowerSet light and an Optima battery, you can move your caravan for more than one hour – until it is in the optimum position. The brushless motors are also very light. The device and battery together save up to 20 kilograms.

You can move your caravan in a circle in just over two minutes, the radius is 17.5 metres. Because of its two axles, the caravan cannot be rotated around its own axis.

  • Handles inclines of up to ten per cent and normal levelling ramps (short-term loads)
  • Exact manoeuvring to the desired position
  • Precise coupling to the towing vehicle
  • Drive rollers are swivelled in and out at the push of a button
  • For twin-axle caravans up to 2400 kilograms

The remote control is handy and intuitive to operate. Control the speed easily with the slide control and change direction with the control knob. Caravans can rotate on their own axis in less than one minute and can be coupled to the towing vehicle extremely accurately. The caravan stops moving as soon as you release the control knobs. An acoustic signal is given when the Truma Mover XT is switched off but not yet swivelled away.

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