Duvalay D-Roll Custom Caravan/Motorhome Mattress

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Introducing D-Roll: the easiest way to install a top-quality mattress in any caravan, campervan or motorhome. This brand-new, rolled-up foam mattress is delivered in a handy box that you can take straight to your van. Choose memory foam for amazing pressure relief or cooling FreshTec foam with a softer feel.

From £200 - Please contact us for a quote. These items are made to order

Duvalay are proud to bring mattress-in-a-box technology to the leisure industry, where ‘Convenience is King’.

As any caravan or motorhome owner will know, manoeuvring a full-size mattress into a leisure vehicle can be tricky.

A much better alternative is to order a mattress in a box delivered direct to your door – ready to load into your van. It takes just minutes to unpack and unroll before fully expanding in a few hours for your easiest mattress installation yet.

D-Roll is versatile in its offering, with two options available: Memory foam, which feels a little firmer and gives more pressure relief, or innovative FreshTec foam for improved airflow, which has had rave industry reviews. Neither too soft nor too firm, this mattress will feel ‘just right’ to any sleeper.

Affordable and super-comfortable, D-Roll allows you to upgrade your mattress without breaking the bank.

There’s less than half the packaging that comes with a traditional mattress, so it’s not only more convenient for you, but also better for the environment.