Fiamma Carry Bike UL Black

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Strong, Inexpensive and Compact line of Fiamma Carry-Bike

Fiamma introduces the complete restyling of the L Series for the new season, aligning its design with the modern and elegant style dictated by the black prevalence and adopted by the Pro Series last season.

The Carry Bike UL is a 2 bike carrier that can be added to in order to carry a maximum of 3 bikes. It is adjustable in height from 80-150cm.

Replaces 12173.



Fiamma Carry-Bikes use the highest quality anodized aluminium rounded tubes and are manufactured using only long-life stainless steel screws.

Rack Holder secures the bike carrying tray in the upright position when you are not carrying bikes.

Quick Lock is delivered as standard with Quick Safe straps to quickly and safely lock the wheels of the bike on the carrier rail. The Quick Lock strap is easy to release and doesn't involve fiddly straps of ties.

Easy Position system allows you to off-set the bike rails on the Carry Bike to make it easier to fit the bikes on the carrier without pedals and handle bars clashing.

Bike Block Pro arms grip the bike frame securely. They are easy to fit, anti-scratch and secure.


The Carry Bike UL is for motorhomes without pre-existing mounting brackets and is supplied with all required mountings and fixings.

Carry Bike UL has upper fixing brackets which are 60cm apart and a lower fixing rail. It is suitable for installation on motorhome with vertical distance between upper and lower mountings between 80 and 150cm apart.

Fiamma Carry Bike UL installation space


Model Max Load Bikes Standard Max. Bikes Carry-Bike
Carry Bike UL 55 kg 2 bikes 3 bikes 5.6 kg

Equipment & Options

Standard Equipment

  • 2 x Rail Quick 128 bike supports
  • 1 x Strip Red bike frame holder
  • 1 x Bike Block Pro 3 bike frame holder
  • 2 x Rack Holders
  • 1 x Security Strip
  • Installation kit

Optional 3rd Bike Upgrade Kit

  • 1 x Rail Quick 128 bike support
  • 1 x Bike Block Pro 1 bike frame holder
  • 1 x Bike Block pro 2 bike frame holder