Hydraulic Bottle Jack 2000KG

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This hydraulic bottle jack is an ideal choice for vertical lifting and pressing of vehicles up to 2000kg. It’s equipped with a carrying handle for easy transport.  

The hydraulic bottle jack, made of painted cast steel, has a sturdy construction. The heavy-duty bottle jack is stable and durable for a long-term service life. The bottle jack features compact and robust design. It offers a maximum lifting capacity of 2 ton, thus taking the weight off your shoulders with ease. The integrated safety valve of the bottle jack is helpful against overloading. Control release system is also included for easy use.  

You may simply place the bottle jack under the vehicle and use the lifting handle to lift it up to a desired height.  

This bottle jack enables you to replace the car accessories and perform routine maintenance more safely and efficiently.

Stability supports available and recommended, item code: BJ495

Product Specifications:
  • Colour: Red
  • Material: Painted cast steel
  • lifting load: 2000 kg
  • Stroke: 90 mm
  • Adjustable height: 60 mm
  • Lifting height: Min. 158 mm, max. 308 mm