Thetford C224 CW Cassette Toilet (Caravan/Motorhome Toilet)

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The built-in Cassette Toilet consists of two parts: a permanently installed toilet and a removable waste-holding tank. A clever indicator lets you know when the tank needs to be emptied, and you can access and remove the tank through a small door on the outside of the vehicle. The C224-CW is a totally self contained toilet with its own intergrated flush water tank.


  • Highest level of seating comfort on the market
  • Toilet bowl swivels
  • Lightweight, high-quality, durable plastis
  • Quiet yet powerful flushing system with full bowl coverage
  • 3 year warranty
  • Easy and convenient emptying
  • Waste-holding tank indicates when it needs emptying
  • Waste-holding tank on wheels
  • Vent button for emptying without splashing
  • Automatic pressure release vent prevents gas build-up, ensures splash-free tank opening
  • Built-in rotating spout for emptying.

* Service and Water fill door are not included, see part number TP-084 *

Technical Specification:

Main Dimensions (HxWxD): 727 x 394 x 580 mm

Bowl Material: Plastic

Seating Height: 492 mm

Central Water Tank Connection: No

Flushing System: Manual

Capacity Of Waste-Holding Tank: 18 L

Capacity Of Flush-Water Tank: 9 L

Level Indicator For Waste-Holding Tank: 1 Indication level

Waste-Holding Tank On Wheels: Yes

Removable Mechanism For Waste-Holding Tank: No

Position Service Door 3: Portrait or landscape

Water Fill Door Needed: Yes

Net Weight: 8.0 Kg