Thetford C260 Toilet CWE (Caravan/Motorhome Toilet)

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Thetford C260/C263 Toilet CWE

Part: 93367SP

Please note that this item is not held in stock, special order items may take up to 14 days to arrive form the manufacturer.

Ceramic Bowl Model Available On Request

For maximum comfort without losing space, the toilet bowl revolves 180 degrees on the base; simply press down on the seat and the bowl locks into place.
Free Delivery Included

The C262 model can be installed as a freestanding unit against any wall with suitable access to the waste tank. Please note this toilet is no longer supplied with a service door. This model is not supplied from the mains water tank but has a separate flush tank (usually used on caravans).

Dimensions HxWxD: m750 x 417 x 603 mm
Bowl Material: Plastic
Seating Height:467 mm
Central Water Tank Connection:No
Flushing System: Electric
Capacity of Waste-Holding Tank:17.5 L
Capacity of Flush-Water Tank:8 L
Indicator For Waste Holding Tank:3 Indication Levels
Waste Holding Tank On Wheels: Yes
Removable Mechanism For Waste Tank
Service Door Included:No
Water Fill Door Needed: Yes
Net Weight:8.1 Kg



  • Automatic pressure release vent prevents gas build-up, ensures splash-free tank opening.
  • Quiet yet powerful flushing system with full bowl coverage.
  • Waste-holding tank indicates when it needs emptying.
  • Highest level of seating comfort on the market.
  • Vent button for emptying without splashing.
  • Lightweight, high-quality, durable plastic.
  • Homelike bowl in size and comfort.
  • Built-in rotating empty spout.