Thule "Lift" Bike Rack V16 Manual (2016 onwards)

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The Lift V16 Manual Bicycle Carrier from Thule Sweden is designed to mount to the rear of a caravan or motorhome with a wall. By default, the carrier supports 2 bikes and 3 with an optional rail kit. Featuring a manually easy access platform, via a hand crank, the Thule lift can bridge a distance of 70cm in height and in its lowest position, the platform makes loading and unloading your bikes simple!

The 12V Motorized version is available here

The Lift V16 comes with two bike rails and each featuring two adjustable wheel holders; depending on your bikes’ wheel base, the holders can be moved to correctly align. Once you have the wheel holders in place, the stretchable rubber ladder bands will secure and lock the wheels in place.

For fitting on Thule bmounted rails you need the adaptor for the bottom rail to fit this rack: see here.

The bike frame holders rest against the bikes and feature soft touch material to prevent marking your bikes; to secure in place, the provided Thule pump buckles provide the tension required.

Technical Specifications:

  • Designed for a stable and solid attachment to the rear wall of a motorhome or caravan
  • Manual lift system, hand crank operated to lower and raise the bike loading platform
  • Detachable bike frame holders that can easily be removed, then returned in position after the bikes are loaded
  • Adjustable wheel holders make sure you can almost fit any bike on the bike carrier, from mountain bikes to childrens bikes ect…
  • Perfect for E-Bikes
  • Supports 2 bikes but extendable to 3 with a 3rd rail kit
  • Maximum loading capacity: 50kg
  • Maximum bike weight: 30kg
  • Height: 70 to 95cm
  • Weight: 18kg